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Wellness Sample Pack

Wellness Sample Pack

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Do you want more energy? Have brain fog? Anxiety? Insomnia? All of the above?

Try out an assortment of our incredible nutritional supplements and CBD hemp products, individually valued at $20!

Included in each sample pack:

-1 pack of Complete vegan protein shake mix

-1 sample Sleep Spray*

-1 pack of Ultra Greens drink mix

-1 hemp honey stick (THC free)

-2 packs of Q Sport pre-workout drink mix in Dragon Berry $ Tiger Punch flavors

-1 pump bottle of Excel Muscle Relief Cream with BIOSYNQ hemp**

*Sublingual Sleep Spray - provides a natural solution to help you quickly fall asleep and stay asleep so you can wake up refreshed. Contains all-natural ingredients including melatonin, 5-HTP, L-Theanine, as well as, a proprietary herbal extract which synergistically promotes restful sleep and helps your mind and body rejuvenate.

**Excel Muscle Relief Cream - fast acting recovery cream provides quick, soothing relief to muscle aches and joint discomfort. Features BIOSYNQ full spectrum hemp oil, herbs, botanicals, and essential oils.